What is the Guitdoorbell?

The Guitdoorbell is a stringed instrument mounted over your doorway with a plectrum striker attached to the swinging door. When the door is opened or closed the plectrum passes across the strings creating a musical announcement.

Great in the

  • Children’s bedroom
  • Family room
  • Retail business
  • Restaurant
  • Home entryway
  • Office
  • Meeting room
  • Warehouse
  • Any place you want a stylish door announcement

The Guitdoorbell is entertaining, educational, and play-able.

The Guitdoorbell Dimensions

Total length: 30″
Body length: 13-7/8″
Scale length: 18-7/8″
Lower bout: 10-3/4″
Upper bout: 7-3/4″
Waist: 7″
Depth: 2-13/16″

Additional Details

The specially designed Guitdoorbell guitar can be removed from the Trophy Board in seconds, played as a normal scaled sized instrument and easily reinstalled with the 3M Dual Lock Fastener attadhments.

Alternate tunings may be used, several of which may be found on the Tunings page. Others you can create yourself.

The Guitdoorbell may spark musical curiosity and further interest, allowing for the recognition of pitch and harmony.

Ownership of a Guitdoorbell may create the desire in young and old to pursue further music education in the form of lessons which can be very beneficial for emotional and mental relaxation.

Dean Markley

Your Guitdoorbell will come set up with very high quality Dean Markley Helix phosphore bronze acoustic strings 12-52.