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Order a Guitdoorbell for Father's Day and we’ll send you a second one for FREE!
FREE FREIGHT to lower 48! Supplies are limited.

Purchase online or in Sacramento at The Guitar Workshop on 3248 J Street.
For orders shipped to Hawaii and Alaska please go to our Ebay store.

The Guitdoorbell is the exciting new way to add music to your door using a real working guitar! Tune the Guitdoorbell any way you like; you can even take it down and play it! The Guitdoorbell is a fully functional ½-size acoustic guitar mounted over any inward opening doorway with a striker assembly that strums the guitar when you open the door!


The Guitdoorbell - Installed

Installation Video

  Guitdoorbell - Black

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Guitdoorbell Kit in Black

Adrian Belleu Plays the Guitdoorbell


Press & Videos

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The Guitdoorbell is a ½-size functional guitar mounted over your door with a pick striker attached that strums when you open it. Seen here at the 2012 Anaheim Winter NAMM Show, Booth 1617 Hall E.

The Guitdoorbell at Transmusic GmBH, Germany. For more information contact Matthias Widerstein at or visit

Garden Grove Channel 13 NAMM Show 2012 TV report. See us at minute 1:30!